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As a child I grew up with parents who really tried to live a healthy life. We had a big garden and raised some of our own animals for food. My parents did not take me, or my siblings, to see the medical doctor every time we had a childhood illness. More often they would take us to local Chiropractors. I knew when I was in the 10th grade at Luck High School that I wanted to be a Doctor of Chiropractic and I pursued that immediately upon graduation.

I was on the Dean’s list every semester in my undergraduate studies and was accepted to Northwestern College of Chiropractic. At Northwestern I made it on the National Dean’s List and graduated Cum Laude.  I chose to get into practice as soon as possible and opened my own Chiropractic office in Milltown, Wisconsin. I practiced in Milltown from the spring of 1994 until July of 1998 when I moved my practice to my current location in Frederic, Wisconsin. 

In my post-graduate studies I have focused on natural wellness solutions, specializing in the biomechanics of the spine and abnormal postures. I am certified in Chiropractic biophysics, the GAPS nutritional program, and Sole Supports which are biomechanically correct foot orthotics.

My wife, Renee, and I enjoy our five wonderful children Eli, Grace, Abby, Elsie, and Reece.  Renee and the children receive regular chiropractic care and we truly strive to live a Chiropractic lifestyle.  It is a lifestyle that is fun and free from the cycle of treating symptoms with drugs. Some of our children were treated for Lyme disease which has been the only medications we have ever tried.  We trust the healing power of each individual if the individual is free of nerve interference caused by vertebral subluxation.  Apart from the office I enjoy whitetail deer hunting, hiking, camping, gardening, bird watching, horseback riding, playing wallyball, singing, drumming, and playing guitar.

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